Specialized Attention Means Better Care

Since 2002, Westbury Pharmacy has been serving each of our long-term care facilities with professional and considerate service. Our staff is available to assist in providing any information needed or answering any of your questions. When you call to speak with a pharmacist at Westbury Pharmacy, you can be assured that there will be someone available to speak with you.

At Westbury Pharmacy, you won’t have to go through overwhelming bureaucracy or an overabundance of procedures to fill your prescriptions. Because we are a smaller, locally-owned establishment, we can offer a more personal experience.  We provide a quality assurance review, in-service programs, and nurse education by RN consultants, and our on-staff pharmacist consultants are available to attend your QA sessions, nursing seminars, infectious control meetings, and other discussions.

Our Focus Is on Service

We know time is important, which is why we have contracts with local pharmacies to provide medications outside of scheduled deliveries, emergency services available 24 hours a day, and a pharmacist available 24 hours a day.

Our Services Include:

Consulting Services

Our in-house nurse and pharmacist consultants bridge the communication gap between pharmacy and the nursing facility, providing an in-depth review of medication regimens, including resident assessment, unnecessary drug evaluation, inappropriate medication identification for the elderly, and more.

Electronic Medication Records

Our team utilizes various electronic record interface databases and software allowing the pharmacy to communicate with both providers and facilities. With this secure technology errors can be avoided, making sure the customer has their medication in a timely fashion.

Cycle Fill

This method of automatically dispensing refills for medication orders on a certain date each week in multi-med strip packaging reduces the amount of waste seen in the facility, saves nurses valuable time, enhances resident safety, and increases accuracy.  In addition, by allowing the pharmacy to handle reorders of scheduled medications, it ensures that refills are ready for their delivery date.

Electronic Emergency Kits

Through Stat Safe, a safe, secure, and efficient way to manage the process of remote medication storage and access, we increase the quality of care for residents by enabling faster access to first doses, new medication orders, and emergency medications.

Other Services:

  • Blister cards used for solid oral and narcotic medications
  • IV therapy for various conditions
  • Narcotic countdown sheets provided for accountability
  • Prescriptions labeled according to state and federal regulations
  • Medication and treatment carts provided to the facility
  • Facsimile provided to nursing staff for prescription ordering
  • Toll free pharmacy number
  • Floor stock meds available to supply your facility
  • Sterile and non-sterile compounding
  • We work directly with doctors to make CII reordering seamless and easy
  • We collaborate with hospices to provide hospice covered medications
  • Various reports available including Webconnect (link below)

Our highly trained team is dedicated to offering personal, customized, and safe medical solutions and prescription services that are right for you and your residents.


Webconnect is an easy-to-use, secure browser-based software that links long-term care facilities to the PrimeCare® Pharmacy Management System. Utilizing a safe and protected connection, both pharmacies and facilities can search, access, edit, and print medication information easily and quickly. Orders and refills can be submitted swiftly, and delivery status is readily available. In addition to improving productivity and efficiency for both the pharmacy and nurses, the system improves patient safety with electronic refill orders and by providing a full picture of prescription history. Having this electronic access gives both pharmacies and medical staff the tools they need to improve customer service and most importantly, patient outcomes.