Who do you offer services to?
We provide personalized pharmacy-related services to nursing facilities and patients in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner.

What is your service area?
We service homes all over the state of Georgia, with medication deliveries scheduled daily.

How long have you been in business?
Since 2002, Westbury Pharmacy has been serving each of our long-term care facilities with professional and considerate service.

What advantages do I have going to Westbury Pharmacy?
Because we are a smaller, locally-owned establishment, we can offer a more personal experience without bureaucracy or an overabundance of procedures to fill your prescriptions.

Do you offer pharmacy consulting?
Of course. Our in-house nurse and pharmacist consultants bridge the communication gap between pharmacy and the nursing facility, providing an in-depth review of medication regimens, including resident assessment, unnecessary drug evaluation, inappropriate medication identification for the elderly, and more.

Do you have electronic records of my medication?
Yes. Our team utilizes various electronic document interface databases and software allowing the pharmacy to communicate with both providers and facilities. With this secure technology, errors can be avoided, making sure the customer has their medication in a timely fashion.

Do you have electronic emergency kits?
Yes. Through Omnicell, a safe, secure, and efficient way to manage the process of remote medication storage and access, we increase the quality of care for residents by enabling faster access to first doses, new medication orders, and emergency medications.

What safety procedures do you have in place?
The risk of dispensing the wrong medication is not a chance we are willing to take. Patient electronic health records are accurate and organized,  our medications are clearly labeled so that patients are correctly identified and administered to, and our labels are easy to read so that directions can be easily understood.

When are you open?
We have pharmacists and emergency services available to assist 24-hours a day. When you call to speak with a pharmacist at Westbury Pharmacy, you can be assured that there will be someone available to talk to you. We also provide medications outside of scheduled deliveries and emergency services.

Where are you located?
Westbury Senior Care Pharmacy is located at 1012 Memorial Drive, Suite 15 in Griffin, Georgia.